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Custom Chesterfield Sofas

Manufacturers who produce custom chesterfield sofas are a special kind of organization. When manufacturing a product, factories must set-up their machinery to turn out the same product over and over as that is the efficient and most profitable way to run a factory. When they change the engineering on a product, the production machinery must be recalibrated for a new product and that takes time and money. Since it can be so complicated, when most manufacturers talk about custom chesterfield sofas, they usually are referring to the simplest changes, such as choosing one or two standard sizes of chesterfield or choosing a fabric from the regular list of available fabrics. Sometimes a manufacturer will cover every sofa in one fabric and call it custom when you decide on a different fabric. So who can actually develop and produce true custom chesterfield sofas?

Who Can Manufacture Custom Chesterfield Sofas?

It has to be a company producing hand crafted products that is able to build as large an item as a custom chesterfield sofa. They wouldn't have a need to re-set their machinery as every item is created by hand. They would just need to measure and cut the wood, padding and fabric to the new specifications. This would be a company that values their customers and gives the maximum in customer service with a furniture manufacturer services team.

What Kind Of Changes Can Be Expected With Custom Chesterfield Sofas?

Simple Fabric Changes

Many changes can be quite simple. Perhaps you are looking at the large choice of available colors but can't find the precise shade to blend with a certain oriental carpet. In a company that produces custom furniture, there is always a designer available that can help with that. If you need a different fabric that might match the coloring in an antique chair or a set of draperies that are already hanging in the media room, a designer can help find that for you as well.

Crib 5

Keep in mind that all changes would be up to the Crib 5 British Standard for upholstery. These are standards for the sources or types of combustion. For residential upholstery, designers must ensure that the fabric stands up certain standards. The one that need to be upheld are Source 0, which is for smoldering cigarettes, Source 1 for a match and Source 5 for a wooden crib. Source 5 is synonymous with the highest standard and is used when promoting a high level of fire retardation in products. The finest furniture products are built using the Crib 5 standard.

California Technical Bulletin 117

In the United States, California leads the standard of safety with Technical Bulletin 117 requiring upholstered furniture to be able to withstand a fire of matches or candles for 12 seconds before igniting. This is for giving the most vulnerable among us, children and the elderly, a chance to escape.

Simple Structural Changes

Many other kinds of fairly easy changes can be made. Changing the height and style of custom chesterfield sofa legs is one. Frequently the legs or feet are hand carved out of wood. You could request a different shape or color of the wood to match another piece of furniture you own. Also not too difficult a change is adding or deleting casters, depending upon if you wanted the chesterfield to be easily moved or not. Cushioning can be modified as well. Extra tufting can be added or part of the sofa can not be tufted if that is what you want.

Complete Custom Design And Manufacture

Then you have the complete re-design of the custom chesterfield sofas

Unique Positioning

Suppose you had a certain spot under a bay window and you needed a smaller or larger length, height or depth. A consultant would help you figure out the right custom chesterfield sofa for that space and interpret the measurements to the furniture craftsmen to complete the manufacture in a total custom way. Sometimes a certain piece is needed for a special event, whether for a party or as a gift. A consultant would be there make sure you got a design that fit your desires.

Commercial Custom Chesterfield Sofas

If you are an architect, interior designer, film or show set designer or one who stages homes for re-sale, you would frequently have need of unique pieces or groups of pieces for special occasions. All of these can be handled by the custom furniture manufacturer services team. For 5 pieces or more the services include:

  • Complete design of all products from concept through to finished product
  • Design consultancy to help complete a project already started
  • Design assistance for finishing touches
  • Design of new products to fit within an existing grouping
  • Manufacturing of finished product

Examples Of Prior Custom Work

  • Very elongated custom chesterfield sofa measuring more than ten feet for museum seating
  • Large quarter circle sofas that make a complete circle for a lobby group seating. They have tufted front, seat and back
  • Circular bench seating with tufted back in center for airport lounge
  • Large half circle seating for under a wide picture window with tufting all around
  • A square box with tufted seat that can be lifted up for storage underneath
  • An antiqued tufted rectangular stool that can double as a coffee table

As you can see, custom pieces can be up to your imagination and a designer can help you put your dreams into reality.

If you need a re-design as simple as a change in color or fabric, style or materials of feet or the complete design of an entire grouping of furniture, make sure you contact your custom chesterfield sofa manufacturer. They will give you your best customer service with their furniture manufacturer services team. To make sure you are satisfied with your purchase, they will guarantee their work with their personal warranty to you. You will walk away with a glamorous custom piece or suite of furniture that you will be proud to put in your home or business and it will last your family or company for generations.