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How to clean leather furniture

One of the most important areas to consider when owning a hand crafted chesterfield sofa or club chair is the care and upkeep of the leather.

Please Observe These Basic Rules

  • Please do not place your chesterfield next to permanent heat sources such as radiators as this will dry out the leather prematurely which, over time, can result in uneven wear of your sofa or chair.
  • Avoid using harsh or abrasive chemicals on your furniture as these can seriously damage the finish of the leather and, in some cases, permanently stain the item.
  • Do not leave wet denim on aniline leathers as the colours may well run off.
  • Regularly dust your wing chair, club chair or chesterfield sofas as this will minimise the ingress of grime into the grain of the leather.
  • Treat the leather with an approved leather cleaning solution every 2 to 3 months (Please call for details).

Your leather chesterfield sofa, wing chair or club chair will age over time and grow its own patina. This is entirely normal and one of the best characteristics of a high quality leather settee. This patina may manifest itself in areas such as colour variance on high traffic surfaces or creases of the chair or sofa and changes in suppleness of the leather.

Care for your Leather Chesterfield Sofa, Wing Chair or Club Chair:


  • Dust down with a lint free cloth


  • Wash gently with warm water and a clean lint free cloth (except aniline leathers)
  • Use a soft brush to revive the finish on the leather.


  • Treat with a recommended leather clean and feed product to protect the properties of the leather and to prevent drying and cracking of the surface.

Things to be aware of when caring for your leather sofa

  • Studs on jeans and trousers can be problematic. These items can be responsible for scratches and scrapes on the surface of the leather. Once affected, these marks are almost impossible to remove.
  • Red wine. There are various old wives tales regarding the removal of red wine stains. Most are totally untrue. Blotting with a terry cloth and dousing with warm water is usually the best bet. The best way to avoid stains like this it to ensure you don't spill in the first place!

Observe the above and you should see many years of trouble free use of your leather chesterfield sofa or club chair.