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Wing Chairs

The Wing Chair, whether buttoned or studded/tufted in a chesterfield style or plain upholstered, is an iconic symbol of English heritage. Take a walk around any stately home or manor house in the home counties of England and you will, doubtless, see a traditional leather wing chair of this style in abundance. This is due to the fact that the stylish shape of the wing chair, whether scroll or flat wing, is timeless in appearance and, particularly if leather upholstered, will last a lifetime. Most recently wing chairs have also become very popular in the USA and Western Europe.

By comparison, the club chair or chesterfield chair is more synonymous with the members club or golf club, home study, or officers’ mess. In fact the name club chair originates from the nineteenth century London gentlemen’s clubs, where the chair was almost exclusively seen.

Today it is common to see both of these incarnations of the chesterfield high seat chair upholstered in a high quality antique leather or aniline leather. We can also upholster these items of traditional furniture in any fabric you should require. Other options include the interior of the chair to be fully tufted or buttoned, partially studded, or plain upholstered in a more contemporary style.

The choice is yours.