Win Your Very Own Star, Courtesy of Distinctive Chesterfields

08th July 2014

Here at Distinctive Chesterfields, we rarely go a day without sampling one of our beautifully stylish sofas. We may be championing our furniture to customers visiting our chesterfield showroom, lounging on one of our couches in a staff meeting, or testing our sofas before their delivery to their brand new home. Which got us thinking, who, if we could pick absolutely anyone, would we like to share our own sofa with?

It’s a question that got the whole team thinking in fact, because it really is hard to decide just who you’d like to cuddle up on the couch with, if you could select anyone in the world.


We put this question to our workshop staff, too, and you can see some of their replies here and here.

Today, we’re asking you – for the chance to win a star named after you – which three stars (and by that we mean celebs) would you like to get cosy on your sofa with, and why. This could be anyone – from a favourite footballer, to a well-known actress or comedian.

Choose your three stars and enter via the Rafflecopter form below. And because we’re talking about the stars you’d like to share your couch with, we’re rewarding the overall winner – selected at random via Rafflecopter – the chance to name a star in the sky after themselves. You could even enter on behalf of a friend, family member or partner and give them a fun surprise!

Enter via the form below – and good luck!

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