Interiors Trends: Top Five Rugs

21st January 2014

“If you like it (your living room floor, that is), then you should have put a rug on it. ” So sang Beyonce. Oh wait…

Of course, how great would it be if she of Destiny’s Child fame really was singing about floor coverings?! Anyway, we digress…

For many, the onset of New Year presented itself as an excuse to spruce up the home. Perhaps you’ve finally decided to overhaul your living room, freshen up a bedroom, or simply sort out, once and for all, those piles of paperwork in the spare room.

One of the easiest changes you can make to a room – particularly if you’re looking to freshen up a space without spending a fortune – is simply adding a colourful rug. With that in mind, we’re bringing you our top five rugs from around the Internet which not only look great, but which incorporate some of 2014’s biggest interior trends, too. Read on…

1. The ‘Minimalist’ One


 One of the key trends for 2014 is the minimalist movement. It’s a trend we’ve discussed here on the Distinctive Chesterfields blog, as while it looks great it’s one that’s quite hard to achieve. The fact is, we’ve all got stuff. Stuff we need to find a home for. So unless you use some pretty fancy, but also ‘hidden’ storage, you will find the minimalist trend fairly tricky.

That said, if you love the look and have found a way to incorporate it into your home – we salute you! While the room below isn’t exactly minimalist, we spotted its ‘Kansas’ natural, beige-coloured rug (found via and figured it’d fit perfectly into a minimalist home. What do you think?

2. The ‘Vibrant’ One


 Turquoise and teal are both big news in 2014, and if you want to incorporate a splash of the vibrant shade into your home this year we’ve found this gorgeous Dolce teal rug from The handwoven rug offers a lovely softness, and when paired with neutral shades it offers the perfect pop of colour. Why not add black and white accents and nail two trends in one (see monochrome, below).


3. The ‘Monochrome’ One


If monochrome was a hit song it’d be a non-mover in the musical charts. Making its mark in 2013, the trend continues to pique the interest of interior designers throughout the UK and abroad. Why? Because a monochrome look is both classic and timeless, and it’s so easy to add to your home, with black and white accessories popping up everywhere.

We love this Franchini Noir rug from Designers’ Guild. It’s made from 80% wool and 20% cotton, and when paired with a pop of colour (see the turquoise trend above) monochrome can look both classy and fun. Via

4. The ‘Quirky Floral’ One


We spotted this fun floral printed rug via and instantly fell in love with its chic pattern and bright colours. With ‘dark florals’ becoming more popular at the back end of last year, the floral trend in general continues.

This rich, overscaled floral print cushion by Megan Park was influenced by minimal and clean interior, and we think it’d look great when paired with  neutral furniture and clean lines. Do you?

5. The ‘Traditional’ One


Of course, contemporary printed designs and bold colours aren’t for everyone, and as traditional decor remains popular – particularly as part of the ‘transitional’ style we see a lot of over in the US – we just had to share with you this Hambridge rug from A Neo classic design from Nourison rugs – one of the largest rug manufacturers in the world – this has been produced using the finest wool on a wiltom loom, for optimum durability. It may be pricey (take a look at the Woven Ground site for prices and sizes), but it’s a real investment piece.

So, tell us, which is your favourite of these five rugs? Have any caught your eye?

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