The Distinctive Chaise Longue

24th August 2008

The traditional Chaise Longue is looked upon as a combination of chair and daybed, the chaise longue originated in the 17th century rococo period of the French King Louis XV. The simple long chair with canted back, armrests and leg support continues to flourish now in the modern era and Distinctive Chesterfield produce two versions of this popular piece, The Princess Chaise Longue with its classical looks crafted in dark antique leather, and the elegantly sweeping shape and softly sprung Duchess a truly comfortable, yet stunning chaise longue, particularly in white leather finish.

So, just how do you select the right chaise longue for your home? Firstly you have to decide which part of your home that you will put this and then you can choose from the two Distinctive Chesterfield styles, choosing the material and colour to suit your surroundings. Whichever if the two classic designs that you finally settle on, your Chaise Longue will receive the same meticulous care and attention during all stages of its hand making process.

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