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06th April 2014

Ah, the quintessentially British tradition that is tea drinking! We bet there are very few people here in the UK who don’t enjoy putting their feet up and relaxing with a nice cup of tea. To us, the hot, comforting beverage is almost medicinal, as it really does solve everything. It’s possible you’re reading this very blog with a steaming mug of tea in your hand as we speak, actually.

But today, we’re not talking tea; we’re discussing something much better than that: tea trolleys and the many creative uses for them.

Here at Distinctive Chesterfields, we’ve joked that we should purchase a tea tray on wheels on which to easily transport those piping hot brews around the office. And I reckon we could easily convince the boss it’s a must-have purchase, on account of the fact the humble tea trolley appears to have 101 uses.

Take a look at this bathroom below, for instance…


Here, the crafty homeowner has spruced up an old tea trolley, placing on it towels, toiletries and trinkets for real wow factor. Who knew an old tea trolley could look quite so glamorous?

Tea trolley storage in the bathroom (or any room, for that matter) is a great idea in general. You can easily dust around a tea trolley like this, and you can wheel it from room to room if required. On washing day, for instance, when you’re folding up those freshly-washed towels to add back to the lower shelf.

Of course, you could use your trolley for something a little more conventional, like storing tea. Or other kitchen bits and bobs, as below.


The tea trolley is perfect for storing loose fruit and veg, too – and it’s a great space saver in a lot of ways – as it can be wheeled onto its side and tucked in a small corner for easy storage. What do you think? We also love how the window (above) has been used to great effect to place boxes of tea, and hot chocolate containers – everything’s all in easy reach, which makes the whole set up that bit more practical.

But does your tea trolley even need to have a use? Could it, in fact, be a statement piece all of its own? We love this one, below, which has pretty wallpaper inserted into its shelves to give a much-needed splash of colour to this otherwise-neutral room. The addition of green accessories on top of the trolley and in the frame above really work against the orange, do you agree?


Are you a fan of the tea trolley? How would you use one in the home? Let us know by commenting on this post below.

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