Summer House Guests? Top Tips for a Comfortable Stay

08th July 2016

So you’ve got family and friends well and truly in the diary and they’re about to descend on your home. But just how do you ensure they have a comfortable and – more importantly – an enjoyable stay? To help you on your way to becoming the host (or the hostess) with the most, we’ve compiled some top tips to take into account before your guests arrive. You can thank us later.

Spruce Up Your Spare Room

If you haven’t already got round to it, it might be time to give your guest room a mini makeover. Often, it doesn’t take much; a few plush cushions here and some new bedding there.

No bed? Maximise the space in your spare room by adding a sofa bed, which can be used as a couch during the day and pulled out in the evening to accommodate friends and family.
4661Our Downton chesterfield sofa bed is a great choice – I mean, just look at it! One of the latest additions to our collection, it’ll solve a problem in any apartment or house.

Pull Together a Hamper of Goodies

If they’ve come a long way (or even if they’ve only travelled down the road!), your guests will definitely appreciate a few treats left on their bed.

Take some time to make up a basket of treats, including toiletries, bottles of fridge-cold water, and maybe a miniature chocolate or two – it’ll be a welcome sight after a long day when your guests finally turn in for bed. Pair the basket with a just-washed stack of towels and you’ve created a gorgeous home away from home that’s bound to put a smile on anyone’s face.

graceful ordersImage

Don’t Forget the WiFi Password


Add a fresh bunch of flowers to the beside table and consider also leaving the WiFi password within easy reach. You want your guests to feel at home so do everything you can to ensure they do.

Do you have your own fail-safe tips and tricks for ensuring your guests feel right at home? Let us know by commenting on this blog, below.

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