Matching Your New Chesterfield Sofa to Your Existing Furniture

29th November 2008

When you buy a new piece of leather furniture you want it to look bright and colourful, but if your room has an antique look and feel and you have period pieces of furniture in the room, your leather chair or sofa could look completely out of character. At Distinctive Chesterfields we have the answer to this dilemma; we will “antique” your chesterfield sofa or club chair for you.

The first thing that we do is to make your piece to meet all our normal requirements to the very highest standards that is found anywhere and then we would begin the process that gives your leather sofa and chair an antique look. The leather is then blacked with a special treatment which makes the whole of the hide appear very dark, in fact almost black; the frame is also treated in this way. When our craftsman is completely satisfied, special treatment follows and the appearance is lightened to give it a genuine antique look. The whole process is completed by sealing it to ensure that the effect is not lost in time. Your new “antique” distinctive chesterfield will blend into its new surroundings comfortably.

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