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11th April 2018

Are you planning to redecorate your spare room? Maybe you’re hoping to maximize the space, or simply ensure it’s more of a multi-functional hideaway. Either way, there are plenty of things you can do to give it the update it deserves. Here are a few of our top tips, including – you guessed it – investing in an extremely practical chesterfield sofa bed. Read on…

Add Some Personality

Ideally, you want your spare room to look like you’ve styled it – and not like you’ve left someone else to it. So think about adding a little personality to the space to ensure it offers a welcoming environment for your guests. Add beautiful textures and prints, cosy cushions and maybe even some artwork which shows off your personal quirks. You’ll find plenty of inspiration on sites like Pinterest – so head over there and consider setting up a board or two, where you can easily ‘Pin’ your ideas.

Start with Neutrals

On the flip-side to adding some personality to your space is ‘starting with neutral colours’. This doesn’t mean you should end with neutrals, too, but a good, muted colour palette will help you add more vibrant hues with the seasons. Keep your walls and floors magnolia, brown or grey and you can have a lot of fun switching up the colour scheme as and when you like.

Inject a Little ‘Hotel Chic’ Into the Space

If your spare room is a guest bedroom and not a dumping ground (or even a home office), why not take some inspiration from the last hotel you stayed in? We don’t necessarily mean pop a Bible in the bedside cabinet, and have a phone line to the reception desk! But what we do mean is add some comforts you might expect in a gorgeous hotel room: huge, fluffy pillows, freshly-laundered towels, and practical but stylish bedroom furniture.

If you’re short on space, a chesterfield sofa bed will ensure your spare room is as stylish as it is practical.

Sofa beds like our Wandsworth (above), Downton (immediately below), and London (also below) ensure that making the most of your space is a breeze.

Think ‘Functional’

You’d like your furniture to look good, but you’d also like it to serve a purpose too. So make sure you incorporate some handy storage solutions into the space and you’ll have a space that works hard for you all the time. It isn’t just about pleasing your house guests; you still need somewhere to store all that junk!

What are your top tips for a stylish and practical spare room?

Want to chat to us about our sofa beds collection? Maybe you’d like to learn more about dimensions, or fabric and colour options available? No problem! We can answer all your queries – just get in touch!

Until next time…

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