Interiors Focus: Colour Burst

26th February 2014

Have you ever noticed how closely your happiness is linked to the state of your home? Here at Distinctive Chesterfields we always feel better walking through the door to a clutter-free kitchen after a hard day’s at work, for example, and there’s often a sense of calm following a trip to the charity shop to offload some of our old junk.

With this in mind, today we’re talking ‘colour’ – and lots of it. Adding a splash of colour to a room – or even a corner of it – can really brighten your mood, even when the weather isn’t quite playing ball.

All too often, it can be tempting to opt for a neutral shade – especially in the living room – to ensure you can easily change the accessories in your scheme to allow for a completely different look later down the line. But why not choose a grey or white shade for the walls and add some brighter trinkets and treasures to effortlessly inject some colour into your space?


We love how this homeowner via Pinterest has used pale blue to great effect in this room above. The carpets are neutral in colour, which means the whole scheme is easy to change if needs be – a coat or two is all that’s required on those walls to change the feel of the room completely. In the meantime, we bet the owner of this multi-coloured bedroom is enjoying waking up to such a cheery scene, do you?



While they’re unlikely to float everyone’s boat, the two rooms above are certainly striking. Sure, the shades of purple are more than a little vibrant, but if you wanted to try a colour palette like this, why not give it a go in a room you use less often – like a guest bedroom, or even a guest bathroom?


Again, the colour scheme in this living room (above) isn’t for the faint-hearted; it could even hurt your eyes day to day. If you’re prone to changing your mind about colours in your home, though, the great thing about this room is that aside from the rug, there’s little in here that would cost a great deal if the time comes for you to switch things up and make a change.

We love the use of brightly coloured baskets to spruce up an otherwise neutral-looking table or two, which when combined with the fun patchwork cushions seen on the sofa, looks fantastic.


Finally, a kids’ playroom (seen above) is the perfect place to add a shot or two of colour. Your children will love a room filled with bright shades, and the vibrant wall sticker is ideal for those who are renting and can’t make such big alterations to their home. Do you agree?

Are you a fan of these brightly coloured rooms? Which one – if any –  has caught your eye? And are you brave enough to add a little colour into your own home?

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