How to Incorporate Leather Into Your Home

11th January 2014

We’ve been busy bees of late here at Distinctive Chesterfields. The workshop has been hectic, with our team working around the clock to get your orders ready before Christmas recently. And with plenty more orders in for January and the coming months, it’s not likely to slow down anytime soon. But we love it; we thrive on being busy and we love nothing more than making our customers happy.

Many of you have been sharing photos of your brand new Chesterfields with us over on Facebook, and many of you have enjoyed a busy festive period entertaining family and friends and showing off your new sofas and chairs.

Here in the Distinctive Chesterfields office, we’ve been teaming up with fellow bloggers to bring you hints and tips on incorporating a traditional Chesterfield sofa, made from authentic leather bovine hides, into your homes.

Recently, we shared this post on lighting site PAGAZZI, and you can also read an interview with Laura Pagan of the Scotland-based brand here on our blog.

Don’t forget to read our post over on PAGAZZI (the link’s above), as we offer our top tips on incorporating the leather trend into your house or apartment.


Of course, we’re huge fans of leather here at Distinctive Chesterfields. After all, many of our sofas and chairs are made from the material. So we’d hope you see us as experts on the subject. Anyway, do pop over to the PAGAZZI blog to read what we have to say.

In the meantime, thanks for keeping up with our blog here and have a great week ahead!

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