How to Ensure Your Home is Summer-Ready: Our Top Tips

03rd May 2016

You’ve done an annual wardrobe overhaul, pushing your winter clothes to the back and dusting off your spring favourites. You might also have taken advantage of the slighter warmer weather and headed outside to give your car a wash and hoover. So why not go the whole hog as summer approaches and ensure your home is ready for the new season, too?

sofa colours

All it takes is a few simple changes and you can ensure your living room – and your home in general – looks the part throughout summer. After all, dinner parties are in full swing during the warmer months, so we’re betting you’d like your home to receive the seasonal makeover it deserves; are we right?! Read on for our top tips:

Banish Heavy Fabrics – Okay so when we say this, we don’t mean banish them altogether – that would be a lot of money wasted. Instead, think about putting away darker, heavier fabrics – on curtains, throws and cushion covers – and choose shades that reflect light for now.

Go for bold colours like hot pink, turquoise and emerald green – and don’t be afraid to choose cushion covers or rugs in vibrant prints, too. Via our bespoke service (get in touch to find out more), you can even have your chesterfield sofa upholstered in a bold and busy fabric of your choice.

Or why not go for linen – pictured below on our Clapham sofa – for a fresh, light-weight alternative to leather, velvet or wool?


Throw Those Curtains Wide – If yours is a room that gets plenty of natural light, make the most of it – particularly during the summer months when the sun can freshen up your space in an instant.

Consider white or cream curtains or brighten the space with neutral-coloured accessories; huge white vases placed on a dark wood or copper table will look great, as will large white rugs or cushions.

Go for minimalist patterns if that’s your thing, or mix things up with a bit of both. Simple, white accessories can stand out even more against bold prints and textures, so think quite cleverly and your room will look like it’s been lifted from the pages of an interiors magazine.

sofa colours

‘Feng Shui’ Your Space

The quickest way to transform your living room – or any room in the house – without spending any money is simply to move your furniture around a little. Try a more open, spacious set-up for summer and add stylish, fresh white throws to ‘winter’ furniture to give it a summer update.

So there you have it; three quick and easy tips to add a little life back into your living room, as and when you need it.

Tried these tips? Let us know how you get on by commenting below – and don’t forget to join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter, too.

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