Wing Chairs

Is there anything more irresistibly traditional than a wing chair? We think not, which is why we create each chesterfield wing chair in our collection with love, making each and every one by hand. This ensures that you get an extremely high level of quality, without the need for any cold, automated machines doing the job for us. This personal touch is what we’re all about, so enjoy our passion with us by purchasing your very own luxury wing chair.

Since we make all of our chairs on-site, we give you the option of upholstery, so whether you like leather or prefer fabric, the choice is yours. We have over 40 options available, so you can tailor the final look to match your interior. Whether you want brown, green, or maybe a bright green or red for modern interiors, we can make something suited to your needs.

One of the most fascinating things about wing chairs is that the design is not just for style but actually serves a purpose. Originally, the wing design of the chair was to enclose the person sitting in it, helping to capture and retain warm air released from fireplaces and to stop cooling drafts from affecting the body too much. This along with the comfortable padded cushions created the ultimate sitting experience when trying to relax.

Our superb club chairs also make a fantastic choice, is you’re after an extremely high quality seating option. These offer slightly slimmer arms and a shorter back, making them more convenient for gentlemen’s clubs or seating for associates within your office. Our range includes the Rockingham club chair, Ragley tub chair, Burghley tub chair and the Howard lounge chair. All of these are a little smaller than the average wing chair and with over fifteen different types of club chair available; you won’t be short of choice.

Do you need help deciding which material and colour to go for on your chesterfield wing back chair? If so, why not come in to our showroom and see us to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, simply give us a call on 01484 663 294 to get started.

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