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Drummond Chesterfield Sofa

Displaying the very same arch-flared arms, high castor stance and pipe and stud detailing as our signature sofa (the Blenheim), the Drummond offers the hallmarks of our most revered couch.

By popular demand, we converted the Blenheim to a cushioned-seat model, adding an extra dimension of comfort. With a more relaxed, finished look, the Drummond offers the same beautiful shape as the Blenheim, but with a much softer seat. read more

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  • H 80cm
  • W 125cm
  • D 100cm
  • H 80cm
  • W 195cm
  • D 100cm
  • H 80cm
  • W 220cm
  • D 100cm
  • H 80cm
  • W 250cm
  • D 100cm
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Front Border

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Product Description

Shown here on the site in Vintage Lunar Deep Velvet with Bronze Renaissance studs, Brass castors and a pleated border.

The standard configuration for this couch is bronze renaissance studs, a pleated border and mahogany brass castor feet.

All sofa sizes come with two fibre cushions, unless stated otherwise, but you do have the option to customise your piece to make it truly your own.

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