Chesterfield Club Chairs

21st July 2015

We post a photo on our Facebook page and it tends to do well, whatever the sofa, chair or sofa bed – that’s chesterfields for you. Many of you are absolute die-hard devotees and love each and every one of our pieces, thanks to their buttoned backs and distinctive piping.

Our Green Club Chair Got You Talking…

But few pictures have received quite as much interaction as one we posted last week. It’s a snap we took in our brand new St John’s Hill (London) showroom and you can see it below (centre). Receiving over 70 thumbs up from fans of our brand, the picture (which features one brown and one green chesterfield club chair) really got you talking.

We asked which shade you’d opt for in this Distinctive Chesterfields’ club chair and it seems many of you just couldn’t decide. One Facebook user even said she’d actually prefer it in red – and we don’t blame her; it’s such a gorgeous shade and suits the chesterfield style down to the ground.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Some of you told us how much you loved the green chesterfield club chair, while others were quite taken with the brown version – it really was a difficult one to call. What do you think? Don’t forget to click on the images below to expand.

Of course, we offer a number of club chairs here at Distinctive Chesterfields and we’ve added some more pictures above. The green and brown club chairs are available to view in our St John’s Hill showroom, while the Howard club chair (seen above, on the right) is currently in our ‘in stock’ page. What that means is it’s available at a not-to-be-missed price – so order as soon as possible if you’d like to see this leather club chair in your home.

Our Rockingham Chair Could be the One for You

Want something a little bit different? Look no further than our Rockingham chair (above, left). Named after Rockingham Castle, this timeless, elegant club chair has gently sloping arms and a slightly raised back. For added luxury, it features French-polished mahogany straight legs and would make a great chair for a dining room or study.

Whatever you’re looking for, don’t forget to get in touch with us here at Distinctive Chesterfields and we’d be more than happy to talk you through your choices. In the meantime, find us on Facebook and join the conversation. Green or brown club chair? You decide…

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