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Osborne Wing Chair

Are you looking for an extraordinarily comfortable chair for your home or office without having to scrimp on style? If yes, the Osborne wing chair is for you.

A stunning example of Distinctive Chesterfields craftsmanship, the wing chair boasts soft cushioning beneath a covering of either fabric or fine Italian leather in the colour of your choice. read more

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Product Description

Once you have placed your customised order, our team of highly-skilled craftsmen will get to work creating your new chair by hand and using only the finest materials. There are no production line-style machines used here; we believe we have as much - if not more - control when it comes to quality by making your piece by hand.

Enjoy an extremely comfortable seating experience, as you rest your arms on the padded armrests while reading the newspaper, watching the TV or partaking in a formal office meeting.

Seen here in House Antique Green, the standard configuration for this piece is bronze renaissance studs, plain border, fibre cushion and mahogany stain feet, but each of these details can be customised to your requirements.

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