Brits not so frisky on Valentine’s Day

06th February 2017

Brits are not feeling the love this Valentine’s Day, according to our new research.

We did a survey which revealed that almost one in three women feel obliged to have sex with their partner on the big day and only a meagre 17% will bother to groom. We also found that just 8% will buy new underwear for the special occasion.

But overall, it will be men feeling the least pressure, with only 18% feeling obliged to have sex on February 14.


Out of interest, we decided to set up a poll of 2,000 Brits to ask them who would be their dream date on Valentine’s Day.  And while 8% said they’d be quite happy with their spouse, Tom Hardy was voted top male date, closely followed by George Clooney and Gerard Butler.

Kylie Minogue was top choice of females, followed by Holly Willoughby and Jennifer Aniston.

And it seems that the best of the big spenders have left love town as two thirds of those surveyed will spend less than £20 on their partner, with a third preferring to stay at home and tuck into a takeaway. The average spend will be £15, while only 7% will splash out on a gift of £50 or more.

Those in Aberystwyth are the most generous spending an average £23 on romantic gifts, while those in Aberdeen can expect the thriftiest presents, with just £9 spent per head.

Only one in five are expecting to be wined and dined on the special day, while over a third are not doing anything at all to celebrate.

Our surprising stats also revealed that Brits are getting less jiggy – with one in five people not engaging in sex at all last year.

Almost half (48%) of Brits had sex less than 20 times in the last 12 months and the average number of one-night-stands was just one.

However, the average Brit – including those with partners – only went on nine dates all year while a third of Brits asked (31%) went dateless.

Shockingly, 12% of married couples went without sex throughout last year yet one in ten married respondents admitted to having a fling.

From marriages, we went on to look at dating and found that the average person goes on four dates before sleeping with a new partner, but a staggering 5% of people would wait for 10 dates before slipping under the sheets.


The average Brit has slept with two people in the last 12 months.

Many people see Valentine’s Day as a bit of harmless fun but also a way to spend lots of money. But if you are strapped for cash, think of all the fun you can have for free – between the sheets!

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