Autumn/Winter Interiors Focus: Tartan

11th November 2013

A huge catwalk trend for autumn/winter, tartan is back! According to many, though, it never really went away. How could it? Cutting a bold statement, the distinctive check is easy to incorporate into both your personal style and your home.

It was Vivienne Westwood who really propelled the print into the mainstream some years ago – and it continues to turn heads today. And while many nations have tried to lay claim on the pattern, tartan is Scottish all the way.

Here at Distinctive Chesterfields tartan’s appeal is evident, too, with an order for a bespoke sofa featuring the print making its way to us a couple of years ago, and many more enquiries since then.

A bespoke tartan Chesterfield

Historically, tartan is associated with clans and can be found at the heart of several civilisations, with the first Scots donning tartan as far back as the 1600s.

The tartan sofa you see above is the Sandringham Chesterfield incorporating velvet and fabric.

However, you don’t have to go all-out to ensure you hop on the tartan interiors bandwagon. Instead, why not try cushions which feature the print, which are easily changeable? Alternatively, a tartan sofa throw provides a lovely way to enjoy the trend and spruce up an old couch.

Are you a fan of tartan? Have you managed to feature it in your home?

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