April Fool’s Pranks: Our Top Five

01st April 2014

That’s it! The clock’s struck noon, which means April Fool’s Day is over – at least here in the UK, anyway. Of course, this means we can come clean and say our colour-changing sofa story was, in fact, a prank in honour of the first day of April. We’re pretty sure you knew that anyway, though. To mark April Fool’s day, we’re bringing you our top five pranks (in no particular order) from around the Internet. Here’s just some that made us chuckle this morning…

1. The Old Ones Are the Best!

This one came courtesy of Sam Ashdown, via Twitter. We follow Sam via our Distinctive Chesterfields Twitter page and we couldn’t help but laugh when we saw what she’d posted on her timeline this morning…

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You’ve got to agree, the old ‘clingfilm-covered car’ is one of the oldest – and best – pranks out there. Especially if the owner of said car is in a rush to get somewhere.

We walked into the office this morning to find our boss here at Distinctive Chesterfields had helpfully sellotaped the phones to their handsets! Good thing we came in a little bit early, which meant we could quickly snip off the tape  – minding the wires, of course – before our phones started ringing!

2. You’ll Either Love or Hate this April Fools Prank

According to the brand itself, ‘you either love or hate’ Marmite. But how about Marmite-filled doughnuts? Would you ever be tempted to chow down on these? Marmite fan or not.

Posted on the Marmite Twitter profile this morning, this one divided opinion in the office. It was feasible enough that it could actually have been news. No one believed chocolate-infused, spreadable soft cheese would work, eh?

So, would you try one of these if they were to be added to supermarket shelves, as Marmite incorrectly revealed earlier today?


3. A Frightfully British April 1 Joke

Oh how we laughed when we spied this April Fools prank from the people behind the National Trust. The organisation announced it would be launching its brand new perfume today –  Eau de Scone. And while it was quite clearly a joke – and a traditionally British one at that – we wondered if, actually, that wouldn’t be such a bad idea. I mean, everyone loves the smell – and taste – of scones, don’t they?

So tell us, would you spritz yourself with the scent of scones?


4. Grammatically Incorrect Fool

This April Fool came courtesy of the in-house team at The Guardian newspaper and website. Someone deemed it funny to change some of the office’s signage, adding rogue apostrophes here and there. We bet that would have got right up the nose of ‘grammar police’ everywhere. Absolutely brilliant!


5. A ‘Colourful’ April Joke

We believed this April Fool from cosmetics company Barry M for a second or two, because trends like this one – from supermodel Cara Delevigne – really do seem to take off. But blue tongues? Really? Would you have fallen for this one? Top marks for originality!


See the reaction to our very own colour-changing sofa April fool by heading to our Facebook page here.

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