Yorkshire: Only the third best region in the world?!

17th January 2014

The people of this fine old county squealed in unison recently, when an article went live on The Guardian’s website stating that Yorkshire had been named the ‘third best region in the world’ in a Lonely Planet Best in Travel guide for 2014.

The home of great textiles, TV’s Last of the Summer Wine, Michael ‘Parky’ Parkinson, and Yorkshire puddings, the county also has plenty of beautiful places well worth a visit. Which is why we pondered why we weren’t higher up the list? Of course, we’re having a joke. Placing further up the list than Hunan in China, Texas, USA and Spanish resort Mallorca, we really can’t complain, can we?



Pictured above, from top, the familiar faces of the main characters of long-running TV show Last of the Summer wine. The show was filmed in the area, and anyone visiting Holmfirth can enjoy a cup of tea in the cafe which featured highly in the comedy series. Above, bottom: The stunning Castle Hill site in Huddersfield, a beautiful spot from which to view the whole town in all its picturesque glory. It’s also in extremely easy driving distance from our showroom here in Honley.

And if you’re making plans to visit Yorkshire, why not visit our showroom here on Honley’s Long Lane? We doubt you’ll visit a more traditional Yorkshire town, with its rolling hills and quaint high street. Our friendly team is looking forward to meeting you and showing you some of the gorgeous pieces in our authentic leather Chesterfield range.


Pictured above: Distinctive Chesterfields’ owners, husband and wife Clare and Steve Laidlaw.

Want to visit our Honley-based showroom? It’s now open on Saturdays for the next few weeks – give us a call on 01484 663 294 to arrange a visit with our customer sales lady, Sophie. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to one of the top three (oh yes, we had to say it again!) regions in the world.

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