Want a Union Jack Chesterfield Sofa?

25th June 2015

While we realise this is an interiors look that isn’t for everyone, there’s no denying that union jacks – or rather, union flags (they’re only ‘jacks’ when they’re out at sea!) continue to feature in contemporary homes here and abroad. Such is the influence of all things British, the distinctive flag print can be seen in a host of homes and businesses; on chesterfield sofas, cushions, throws, bunting and more.

And if you’ve ever thought your living room was lacking somewhat, perhaps a union jack chesterfield sofa might be the answer. Thanks to its bright, bold colours, it’d prove a gorgeous focal point to a room – lifting up otherwise bare walls and drawing the eye to your new piece of furniture.

It’s a choice that’s unlikely to go out of fashion, too. The great news is you don’t have to search too far to find a chesterfield union jack sofa. Here at Distinctive Chesterfields – both in our Honley (Huddersfield) showroom and over in our soon-to-be-opened London premises, we partner with Moon’s wool and British fabrics to bring you all the very best choices in upholstery.

And if you want a union jack chesterfield, we can make one for you – with a lead time of four to six weeks, depending on your choice of sofa.

Union jack
Images via Pinterest: left and bottom right: a London-inspired living room complete with chesterfields, top right: a cute canine enjoys a chesterfield sofa. Click the image to enlarge

Why not see some of our furniture for yourself, by visiting our Honley showroom or popping by to see us at our new St John’s Hill premises in London. We open on Monday (June 29) and we’ve even introduced some brand new London-inspired sofas to our range, including the Battersea, the Knightbridge and the Fulham Chesterfield. Ahead of your visit, why not a look at some of our furniture here on the website? And don’t hesitate to get in touch if you spot anything you like – whether it’s a union jack sofa or something else entirely.

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