Using Prints in the Home: How To

03rd April 2014

In recent years, bold prints like those that were popular in the 70s and 80s have enjoyed something of a revival – and not just in the home. We see vibrant patterns each and every day; on handbags, dresses, even shoes. In the home, statement rugs are having a moment, along with a whole host of other accessories featuring bright – and often clashing – colours and prints.

Take this colourful cushion duo, below. The floral print perfectly complements the lime green of the sofa, and the striped monochrome cushion really sets off the space. The trick here is to choose complementing colours; notice how the dark green of the flowery cushion really works against the shade of the sofa?

We advise not using too many shades and prints; try clashing patterns but don’t go too far to get it right, it could wind up looking forced and possibly even painful to the eyes.


A great way to incorporate the trend for bold patterns in the home is simply to choose one area of a room to showcase an interesting print, see the mustard yellow stencil art work against the muted grey of the walls, below. This way, any changes can be quickly changed should you fancy something different a few months – or years – down the line.

Wall stencil

Wall stickers are a great idea for rented accommodation, when landlords may disallow boldly painted walls, or too many pictures attached via potentially damaging picture hooks. Adding a bright wall sticker ensures a subtle nod to a trend without going all-out. Pick a feature wall and choose your pattern or print with which to adorn it.


We love how this home owner (above) has incorporated three trends for 2014 into this room, with great effect – pattern, metallic, and the colour teal. The teal shade offers a beautifully exotic look to the room and is made even more interesting with the addition of the sun-shaped clock, and equally bright accessories. Do you agree?

Want to try prints in the home but don’t want to go for anything too bold? Why not opt for a neutral shade of wallpaper, featuring an attractive print? We like this grey feature wall (below), which displays a retro-esque print and is livened up with a few well-chosen trinkets on the dressing table below it.


Images via Pinterest 

Have you incorporated a bold print into your home? How did you do it? And which of the rooms above do you like the look of?

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