US Interiors Focus: Transitional

07th November 2013

The word in the world of interiors is that ‘transitional’ décor is huge, at least across the pond in the US it is anyway. Bringing antique and contemporary designs together, transitional provides a unique look for any house or apartment. But it is an acquired taste and certainly requires a bit of effort on the homeowner’s part to pull it off.

The Holyrood Chesterfield is a perfect piece to complement your transitional home

Offering a new slant to classic décor, transitional style comprises both traditional and modern finishes and fabrics, along with simple, neutral shades. For example, you might pair straight, sharp lines with classic curves to create a look that’s one of a kind.

To get the look, begin with a neutral colour palette, including taupe and vanilla, with deeper shades like black, grey and dark brown. This will provide your canvas for creating a beautiful, transitional room.

Next, search for sharp, simple lines and locate furniture made from exotic materials which offer a modern look.

Part of the fun of doing up a room/your house, is taking a risk every now and again. With this in mind, we say don’t be afraid to add some shimmery touches or metallic shades.  Unique pieces like the Holyrood Chesterfield sofa would look great adorned with cushions in shiny fabric, or next to chairs in stunning prints.

Now, try adding minimalist accents and accessories which will really complement the whole look. Keep furnishings fairly simple in general, adding interesting pieces here and there.

Are you a fan of the transitional look? Or do you prefer all-out traditional style?

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