One in 10 Brits Never Clean Their Sofa!

22nd November 2016

One in 10 Brits never clean their sofas, despite three quarters of them being stained with food, drink and even bodily fluids!


We made this unpleasant discovery during our recent nationwide survey, which further revealed that 20% of people considered disguising their marks using either cushions or a throw as a simple ‘cleaning’ solution.


Those in Northern Ireland had the most frequent cleaning routine, with 7.27% cleaning their sofa every single day – despite 5.45% admitting to never washing theirs.

Our survey also showed that the main reasons behind the sofas being stained were tea and coffee, with these hot beverages being responsible for tarnishing 20% of UK sofas. This was followed by chocolate (12.6%), wine (11.5%) and juice (10.6%).


However, food and drink are not the only stains that Brits find on their sofas, with 6% of respondents claiming that their couches are tainted with bodily fluids, including sick, poo and even semen!


Semen was most likely to be found on couches in the East Midlands, with 5.32% admitting to having an ejaculate stain on their couch.

Brits only have themselves to blame when it comes to their stained sofas, with 44% admitting to eating on theirs’ daily. 62% also claimed that they drink on their couch every day, inviting the possibility of even more stains.


Eating and drinking is not the only thing that Brits get up to on their sofas, with 1 in 10 people admitting to get frisky on their couch once a week, with 2% indulging in a spot of lovemaking every day.

A piece of advice from us for those of you who have a sofa with a removable cover, is that upholstery cleaning is straightforward – simply put the covers through the washing machine or alternatively go down to the dry cleaners.

If you don’t have this luxury and your sofa is made of a delicate material, such as velvet, then you should clean it using an approved upholstery cleaner by lightly dabbing the stain with a cloth.

Leather sofas on the other hand are not a fan of water and they could stain the material. Cleaning agents such as oils and waxes are a good solution as they act as a moisturiser for the suit. A steam cleaner should also do the job efficiently.

Need a new, stain-free couch? Take a look at our elegant range of chesterfield sofas, they are all lovingly handcrafted and arrive at your door pristine and stain-free!

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