How Comfortable is a Chesterfield Sofa?

24th April 2016

If you’re looking for a chesterfield sofa, you might well have wondered how comfortable they are. And that’s the question on the lips of many Distinctive Chesterfields customers when they visit our showrooms – in London, Huddersfield, Ipswich or at any of our premises around the world.

Comfort is, of course, something which is very personal; some like a sofa to be firm, while others prefer a couch or chair they can really sink into. We offer a variety of sofa cushion fillings here at Distinctive Chesterfields to ensure you can enjoy the level of comfort you prefer.

Our fibre filling comes as standard with your chesterfield, and it’s a soft cushion which many people find extremely comfortable. However, there are a number of luxury options available to you at an additional charge.


Our foam cushions, for example, are slightly firmer than fibre, still as comfortable but hold their shape a little better.

Feather and foam is another option many of our customers opt for; this type of cushion filling provides a comfortable feel while retaining its shape, too. The feather and foam option consists of a foam insert, which is surrounded by feathers, to allow you to sink into the sofa with ease. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

There’s also our buttoned-seat sofas, with are fully-sprung with a foam filling, and our winged-armed sofas (such as the Drummond and Blenheim) allow you to lean into the arms easily.

Want to chat about what it is you’re looking for? Simply give us a call anytime and we’ll help guide you through the different cushion fillings and sofa styles available.

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