Handmade Chesterfield Sofas

11th February 2009

We make all our own Chesterfields here in the UK.

All our Chesterfield Sofas are hand made to order and a common question we have is ‘How Long Does It Take?’

We would say an average order time is 6 weeks.

We have to hand make the hardwood frames which are dowelled and screwed, webb the arms and backs using pirelli webbing and  fire retardant multigrade foam then upholster the sofa with full hides of leather and then individually hand studd and button the boarders. The different ranges in Chesterfield Sofas we do each have their own distinctive finish with either solid mahogany feet or brass castor.

As you can appreciate the Chesterfield sofa is not a cheap and throw away type of sofa, we expect our customers to use our sofas for the next 20 years or so, so we want them to be made and finished with the highest quality in mind!

Put your order in now and see for your self!

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