Grey Velvet Couches

Grey Velvet couches are the most popular neutral couch in our range. Our selection of grey velvet couches range from light grey to mid-grey and dark grey, ensuring that you’ll find your perfect couch at Distinctive Chesterfields. 

Our Chesterfield sofas look stunning in grey velvet and paired with a bright cushion, they’re even better. Transform your living room with one of our gorgeous grey velvets.

Our velvet couches are stain-resistant, meaning you don’t have to worry about any slips and spillages. If a grey velvet couch or chair is exactly what you’re looking for, then browse and shop online today.

A grey velvet couch is the ultimate way to make a subtle statement in your home. The velvet offers grandeur and luxury, while the grey tones offer an understated class and elegance. 

On top of the aesthetic beauty, our grey velvet couches provide unrivalled comfort making it the ideal addition to your living space.

Our grey velvet chesterfields

All grey velvet couches from Distinctive Chesterfields are handmade by our experienced UK team and delivered to the US. By using only the best quality materials, we can ensure only the highest quality furniture is shipped from our workshop. That’s why we’re certain that our grey velvet chesterfields are some of the finest available. 

We’ve been making some of the best grey velvet couches for over ten years now and want to continue doing so for many years to come. Our goal is to offer exceptional furniture to all who want it.

Our grey velvet couches and chairs can be completely customized to suit your wants and needs. Decide on your preferred style, sizing and most importantly, the grey velvet upholstery that best matches your chosen decor.

Browse and discover how a grey velvet couch can help transform your home into the envy of all your friends. Buy online, or visit our showrooms in either New York or North Carolina.


Delivery to the US is available. US Delivery is subject to a two-man delivery service.

Lifetime Guarantee

We’re always confident about the high quality of our handmade gey velvet couches and as such, they all come with a lifetime guarantee,

The guarantee covers all structural faults (frame and suspension) throughout the velvet couch range. Up to a maximum of 25 years.

Each piece of furniture features a ‘Distinctive Chesterfields’ metal plaque to the rear – our stamp of quality.

Our team is always on hand to help you select and build your ideal couch. You can visit our New York Showroom or North Carolina Showroom to browse our furniture or you can contact us on the phone seven days a week.

Want to provide a good home to one of our luxurious grey velvet couches? Get in touch with our team here at Distinctive Chesterfields and we’d be happy to discuss your options, creating the perfect piece for you!

Simply select up to 5 free swatches, fill in your details and we will take care of the rest.

Please click here to request your free swatches!

What is the best thing about a grey velvet couch?

A grey velvet couch is the ultimate statement piece. Whether you choose a light, mid or dark grey, you’ll be utterly enamoured by your new couch. 

Are velvet couches comfy?

In short, yes. Velvet couches are extremely comfortable. All of our velvet couches are designed and built to provide a luxurious seating experience; leaving you content and relaxed each and every time you time a seat. 

What colors go with grey velvet?

Grey velvet is an excellent choice as it looks great with a broad array of colors. Colors such as soft pinks and purples are a great way to make a subtle statement. However, grey velvet can also complement more bright, vibrant colors. 

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