Denim Chesterfield, Anyone?

13th January 2014

Since the very first pair of bespoke jeans was commissioned by Levi Strauss and his business partner Jason Davis back in 1872 for a woodcutter in Nevada, US, denim has rarely been out of our wardrobes.

In 1934, the ‘lady Levi’ was created and since that memorable day for women’s fashion, denim has remained a huge trend. In fact, it’s one that will probably never go out of fashion. There’s so much potential with denim, with everything from acid washed garments, cut offs and ripped versions making it into our style staples. The best bit? Denim’s comfy. Extremely comfy. And for that reason alone we salute Mr Strauss and his team for creating something that’s both fashionable and easy to wear.

So, as we were pondering the huge hold denim’s had over society – today and during days gone by – we wondered, has a denim Chesterfield ever existed?

Behold! A quick internet search threw up these models (below). And when you think about it, a denim sofa makes all sorts of sense. After all,  the material’s comfy and it’ll go with just about anything. Just like that trusty pair of jeans does. In an odd way, it kind of works with more traditional pieces of furniture too, for a transitional look that’s so popular at the moment.

But what do you reckon to denim Chesterfields? Are you a fan? Could you see them taking off in much the same way as that very first pair of jeans did all those years ago?

As you know, we can make a Chesterfield to your exact requirements, combining the colours and fabrics you love in the bespoke style you’ve dreamed of. So hey, why not make it a reality?

If you’d like a bespoke Chesterfield, it’s as simple as providing the fabric. We’ll do the rest.

Simply get in touch with us via the contact form here at, or head to our Facebook page where someone will answer your query straight away.

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