Chesterfield Sofas: What Makes them so ‘Distinctive’?

29th April 2016

Considering adding a chesterfield sofa to your home? You’ve probably wondered what makes this particular brand of sofa so ‘Distinctive’? We’ll tell you…

An iconic British design, the chesterfield sofa has been around for centuries. Traditionally seen in stately homes and gentlemen’s clubs, the chesterfield can today be spotted everywhere from bars to beauty salons, luxury spas, yachts and country clubs, and in the homes of authentic English furniture fans. Here in our Yorkshire workshop, we’ve made furniture for everyone from a big name cider brand to a Leeds-based cinema – and our furniture also graces the home of TV presenter and interior designer, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen.

The chesterfield sofa or chair is traditionally upholstered in leather; the most sought-after models use 100% bovine hides for the best effect – and here at Distinctive Chesterfields, we too use only the finest leather and materials.

Craftsman-built, chesterfield sofas are made entirely by hand and from scratch, with the stud work being hammered in by hand, and the leather coverings sewn by talented seamstresses. It’s a skill not so often seen these days, which makes it all the more special to own an authentically-made chesterfield.

Highly Sought-After Design

Chesterfields aren’t just popular here in Britain, either, with orders being placed daily for furniture to be shipped to Europe and further afield. In the US, this distinctive style of sofa is particular popular, thanks to its iconic English look.


Sofas, Chairs, Sofa Beds & Footstools Available

Everything from sofas and chairs, to footstools and bespoke office chairs can be made in the chesterfield style, featuring buttoned backs and curved arms. Brown, black and grey are some of the most popular shades of chesterfield, with orders for bold colours also being placed here at Distinctive Chesterfields.

Buy a chesterfield in a striking colour like red, for example, and it’ll still look elegant and antique in style if the right leather is chosen, and complementing pieces are added to your living room.

Relax in style in a comfortable chesterfield wing back chair, or take that important business call on a swivel chair featuring this unique style of upholstery. You can even opt for a chesterfield-style sofa bed – perfect for visiting guests!

sofa bed

A Range of Leathers to Choose From

Chesterfields can be upholstered in any one of an extensive range of leathers, from antique style finishes, to silk effect hides. Many chesterfield fans prefer an aged look to their sofa, whch can be achieved with leathers with an antique finish.

Some people even pick out their own fabric, to be handed to skilled seamstresses and upholsters who then do the rest and create chesterfield-related magic!


Handmade in Just Four Weeks

While we do have a few chesterfield sofas and chairs available to buy straight from our showroom, others are made entirely by hand to each of our customer’s specific requirements.

Handmade chesterfields can take just four weeks to be made, although each process requires plenty of attention to detail. Want a chesterfield sofa of your own? Get in touch with our team today, who’ll be more than happy to chat through your requirements.

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