Which Chesterfield is for You? A Quick Rundown

17th June 2015

So,  by now you know you love the chesterfield style (it’s probably the reason you’re here on the site, right?) but have you picked out the perfect piece for you? The fact is, though our pieces have a few things in common  – their unique buttoned backs and stud detailing –  they’re all different. But we can manufacture anything from a sofa bed to a chair or footstool to meet your requirements.

If you’re not sure which chesterfield’s for you, here’s our rundown of some of the most popular models here at Distinctive Chesterfields…

 The Classic Leather Sofa


One of the best-selling models here in our showroom, the Holyrood chesterfield sofa offers a classic design for true fans of the brand. This model comes in four sizes: a club chair, a two-seat love seat or a three or four-seat couch. You can also order this sofa as part of a suite, which is made up of a love seat and a three-seat couch; two three-seat couches or a three-seat couch and two chairs.

Featuring hand-covered buttons, not only on the back, but the arms as well, this is a stylish piece that will complement any living room.

 The Chesterfield Sofa Bed


Short of room? Or simply want to kit out your spare bedroom with a stylish, yet practical sofa? Our chesterfield sofa beds – like our Harewood model (pictured above) – are the perfect choice for you. The Harewood sofa bed comes in three sizes: a gorgeous two-seat with a 92-cm wide mattress, 2.5 seat with a 112-cm wide mattress and three-seat with a 132-cm wide mattress.

The great thing about this sofa bed is it sits low to the ground, so that when you pull the cushions off, it is the ideal height for the fold-out mattress, with legs to balance the height of the sofa bed.

The Classic, But Cushion-less Sofa


Want to add your own well-chosen cushions to your sofa? The Goodwood, pictured above, with its cushion-less design, is the right option for you.

Originally, this piece was a bespoke style for a regular private client of ours. But when the piece was complete, the client requested that we store it for a few weeks whilst a room was being renovated. During that time, we had so much interest in the sofa that we decided we must add it to the range!

It’s based on our Blenheim sofa, but features a soft, deep finish and loose-buttoned look, making it the perfect piece for the classic yet slightly less formal room.

The Corner Sofa


If you’re someone who thinks bigger sofas equals better sofas, you’ll definitely want to check out our Arundel corner sofa. The Arundel, for the first time, offers the traditional appearance of a timeless chesterfield sofa with the modern appeal of a corner sofa system.

It’s available in a variety of sizes, but if you’re not so keen on this model (above) you can actually have any of our chesterfield sofas (excluding the Buckingham) made up into a corner style, with the dimensions of your room in mind if you go for our bespoke option,

The Comfy-yet-stylish Chesterfield Wing Back Chair


Perhaps you’re not as much a fan of the chesterfield sofa as you are of the stylish-yet comfortable wing back chair? Above is our stunning Paxton chair, which offers luxury and comfort and looks great in any room – from living room to dining room or home office. Are you a fan?

So, which piece (above) stands out as your favourite? Let us know by commenting below and don’t forget to join the conversation over on Facebook.

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