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01st February 2015

The stylish flair of our Chaise Longue chairs and different designs can enhance a range of interiors from sensibly traditional to colourfullchaise longue chairsy modern. The three different types available are as unique as the next offering their own unique style and with a range of colours and coverings to choose from, you can personalise it to suit you and your interior.

Each of these amazing pieces is made by our skilled craftsmen by hand in our UK workshop using the highest quality materials. We use solid hardwood for the frames and feet and our leather is supremely soft and hard wearing, so you can rest assured that you will get nothing but the best from us.

Paris Chaise Longue
A symmetrical armless design is what sets this style apart from the others, allowing you to sit on it from either side. This makes it more practical when deciding where to place it in a room and the curving shape provides a very comfortable sitting experience. This is enhanced by the luxurious leather and soft cushioning underneath. The buttoned surface is what gives it a touch of the traditional chesterfield look, making it ideal for traditional interiors.

Duchess Chaise Longue
If you have a modern interior you may want to go for the Duchess design, as this offers a smooth finish with your chosen covering. It looks great in white for that art deco look and the additional side ‘arm’ gives you extra support when sitting. It also has comfortable cushioning and the exposed wooden legs will keep you a convenient level from the floor, allowing you to stand up with ease.

Princess Chaise Longue
With a flat, buttoned base, curving back a solid wood side arm, the Princess design is without a doubt the most traditional when it comes to style. It is fitted with straight wooden hard wood legs to match the side arm and the curving back is decorated with classic studs to enhance the chesterfield look. It looks great with traditionally coloured leather but there’s always the option to go for the colour and material that suits you best.

It can be hard deciding which to go for, so make sure you check out each of the product pages for the Chaise Longue chairs above for further details on each item.

Also, feel free to call us direct on 01484 663 294 to enquire about our Chaise Longue chairs and don’t forget to ask us about our choice of coverings.

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