Handmade Heroes

Chesterfield Sofas: Investment Pieces or Trendy Choices?

24th November 2023

When it comes to iconic furniture pieces, few items evoke the same sense of sophistication and elegance as the…

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Modern Chesterfield Sofa Beds: Comfort & Functionality

26th October 2023

In the world of home design, furniture like Chesterfield sofa beds changes to fit what people need. The traditional…

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Handmade Heroes: Meet Louise West, Lace Maker Extraordinare

07th July 2014

If you've ever visited an old relative and had your tea and cake served on lace doilies, we're pretty…

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Handmade Heroes: Meet Seamstress Alyson Bond

07th May 2014

Our workshop team here at Distinctive Chesterfields uses every last inch of our 100% bovine leather hides to handcraft…

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Handmade Heroes: Meet Mark at Beanie Brand K-nit

25th April 2014

We know that crafting something from scratch takes time, effort and commitment. As such, we're thrilled to be able…

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