Brown: The Most Popular Chesterfield Sofa Shade

06th May 2014

We have well over eighty colours of leather to choose from – including a range of silks and wools – but still, brown remains one of the most popular shades among people looking to order a chesterfield sofa from us here in Yorkshire. The most common requests when it comes to sending out leather swatches are for the shades ‘whiskey’, ‘antique brown’, ‘deluxe vintage brown’, and ‘marrone’ – and it’s not hard to see why.

Brown chesterfields represent the best value for money, in a lot of ways. Why? A brown – or similarly neutral coloured chesterfield couch – is likely to complement almost any home. It’ll look as great in a traditional house as it will a stylish, modern apartment, and it’ll work with most other shades when it comes to deciding on a colour scheme for your place.

brown chesterfield sofa

While it doesn’t feature the distinctive buttons you find on a chesterfield, our Berkeley chesterfield is a big hit with our customers. It offers the very best levels of comfort, while standing the test of time, too. Pictured above in premium marrone, the Berkeley is the epitome of understated style.

Built over our solid beech chesterfield frame, but sprung softer and built deeper, this chesterfield sofa in brown has the beginnings of a very grand sofa indeed. If simplicity is the key for you, the Berkeley offers an uncluttered alternative to our standard models, thanks to its super soft foam laid over the springs and plain upholstery.


For that unique chesterfield look, the Chatsworth is a great choice if you’re looking for an authentic brown chesterfield couch. A grand sofa indeed, this sofa has a sprung and foamed interior and is supremely comfortable. Built and designed to stand the test of time and still be elegant and delicately proportioned, the Chatsworth has a fanfare arm profile with piped and studded facings, and pleat, pipe and stud front border. It’s seen here in antique harvest gold.

brown chesterfield sofa

light brown chesterfield sofa

If you want a brown chesterfield sofa which isn’t quite as bold as some of our other shades, how about you go for the above, in the shade deluxe arabica – a brown/grey shade which looks great in traditional and modern homes. Based on our signature sofa, the Blenheim, the Drummond displays the same arch flared arms, high castor shod stance, and pipe and stud finish details, and by popular demand we’ve converted it to a cushioned-seat model, to add an extra dimension of comfort and a more relaxed finished look.

Are you a fan of the brown chesterfield sofa? Got your eye on one of our couches? Or want to request some swatches of leather? Simply get in touch and we’ll be happy to assist.

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