Is it time for a new fabric sofa?

23rd December 2016

In the past, have you plumped for a leather sofa? While we’re not about to veer you away from leather furniture completely (it does make up most of our range, after all, and we absolutely love working with the material) what we will say is there are a lot of benefits of choosing a fabric couch, too.

Here are just some of the reasons you should choose a fabric sofa like our Fulham (pictured below).

They’re Comfortable

Fabric tends to be softer and warmer to the touch than leather, which is as good a reason as any to choose a sofa upholstered in, say, linen or cotton.

In summer – and in much the same way as the leather seats in your car – a leather sofa can feel a little hot and sticky. Not a fabric sofa, though. You’ll be as cool as a cucumber when you slonk yourself down on a linen or cotton-upholstered couch.


Stains Can be Easier to Clean

Depending on the grade of fabric used to upholster your chesterfield sofa, you may find that you can clean any stains or spillages a little easier.

Here at Distinctive Chesterfields we use only the very best quality fabrics and leathers – and each piece can be covered with our Guardsman cover, which protects the furniture against any accidental damage as well.

Fabric Won’t Scratch Like Leather Will

Leather sofas can scratch or tear more easily than their fabric counterparts; if you’re not careful, even a bunch of car keys can result in a nasty tear where your traditional chesterfield sofa is concerned. Fabric sofas, though, can generally withstand even pet’s claws.


They’re a Little Cheaper

Go for a fabric sofa and you’ll generally get a lot more for your money. Leather can be costly, while fabric ensures you can opt for a chesterfield couch and ensure a much smaller dent in your bank balance.



Want a fabric sofa soon? Get in touch with the Distinctive Chesterfields team and we’d be happy to talk you through your options.

In the meantime, why not find us on Facebook and keep up-to-date with news of our latest models? You can also take a look at customer photos and testimonials, as well as take part in our regular giveaways.

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