Will the Copper Trend Work in Your Home?

25th Mai 2016

While it was once confined to piping, copper is now used in homes far and wide for wholly decorative purposes. Who’d have thought it, eh?

So what is it that’s caused the resurgence in such a simple – and relatively affordable – material? It’s because it’s contemporary in terms of style and look, which is bizarre really, considering it was once used in the more traditional home.

The fact is, copper will make a definite statement in any home it’s in – whether modern or traditional – and you only need to have a quick glance around the Internet to see plenty of people adding the malleable material to their homes.

But will the copper trend work in your home? We’ve collated some of our favourite images from around Pinterest – the photo sharing site that is just perfect for anyone looking for some much-needed interiors inspiration – to show you just how versatile copper is. See for yourself…


Here, the homeowner has added a few copper trinkets and treasures to their living room to truly make it their own. From a striking circular mirror to copper-coloured pendant lights, the striking material works perfectly in this otherwise traditionally-styled home. What do you think?


Above, a huge trunk takes centre stage in this home. Meanwhile, though, copper coloured feet adorn the chesterfield sofa – and, of course, you can see copper detailing on the trunk itself. Does this room get your vote?


In the living room pictured above, a huge, modern table provides the focal point – and you guessed it; it’s a copper one! It looks stunning too, doesn’t it?

4Images: via Pinterest.com

Pendant lights are again the centre of attraction in this living room; they were one of the first things to catch our eye when we spotted this image (above) on Pinterest. There’s absolutely no denying that the chesterfield sofa just makes the room, too.

Will Copper Work in Your Home?

If you’re considering copper for your own home, where do you start? Burnished copper, for example, has aged over time – and deliberately too – to give the appearance of a more muted material. That said, it still looks great in the home.

And the really lovely thing about copper is it adds a touch of warmth to any space. If yours is a neutrally-decorated room, why not liven it up a little with some well-chosen copper accessories? To add even more interest, you could add some rustic shades and textures, as well as some greenery – fresh, green plants look gorgeous against a backdrop of white, cream and copper.

Alternatively, stick with an ‘earthy’ theme and choose shades like terracotta and tan brown – these colours will add instant warmth to your living room.

And hey, why on ‘earth’ would you stop in the living room?”! The beauty of copper is it’s completely versatile, which means you can position copper-coloured accessories in a bedroom, a spare room – even an office – to great effect.

So the answer to our original question: ‘will the copper trend work in your home?’ is a big, fat, copper-coloured ‘yes!’. Give it a go; you’ll be surprised just how much a simple addition like this will breathe new life into your space.

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