Revamp Your Home in 2018: Our Top Tips

17th Januar 2018

Never mind all this ‘New Year, new you’ nonsense; unless you need to lose weight or get to the gym more for health reasons, we say go easy on yourself, if possible!

‘New Year, new home’ – now that’s something we can get on board with here at Distinctive Chesterfields. And the reasons for that are simple.

Here are just a few:

  • There’s nothing to feel guilty about when revamping your home; you can even do it on the cheap. Starving yourself, though, in the name of a New Year’s diet…well, we can think of better things you could be doing. And they’re minus weighing scales, too. Hooray!
  • An imminent home makeover can give you the motivation needed to have that big clear out you’ve been putting off
  • If you work from home, or if you’re simply sick of looking at the same, ‘magnolia’ walls, you’ll feel much better in 2018 and beyond, knowing that your living room has received a fresh coat of paint or two.

So, now that you’ve decided a home revamp is the way to go, we’ll let you in on some of the biggest trends we’ve found online. Here are just a few to take over the Internet in 2018…

Tropical Prints

We seem to remember writing about tropical prints in a similar interiors-related post here on the Distinctive Chesterfields blog. And now they’re back, from outta space (there’s a song in there somewhere). But, actually, they haven’t been in outta space at all (sorry to disappoint); they’ve remained a big trend here on Planet Earth and it looks like it’ll stay that way.

House Beautiful agrees, saying that the botanical interiors trend is ‘far from being another summer fad’. The website also revealed that Pinterest have released data that suggests searches for palm leaf prints are up 135 per cent.

So, if you’re feeling colourful and quirky and you’d like to add a similar vibe to your living room, go all out and grab a palm tree print or two.


Textured material like velvet is set to be huge in 2018 – and guess what? We can help you achieve that trend here at Distinctive Chesterfields. You only need to take a look around our clearance page to see there’s plenty of velvet in stock. But if you aren’t looking for an ex-showroom sofa or chair, you can choose any one of our pieces from our regular range in the exact shade of velvet that tickles your fancy.


While this is a big trend for 2018, we can’t say that neutrals ever really went away did they? But ‘earthy neutrals’ are the key words for the New Year; think beige, tan and khaki, and get ready to plan a brand new living room to be proud of.


Metallics have been a key interiors trend for some time, so it’s no surprise that people’s penchant for all things shiny has rolled into a New Year.

Whether you want to be bold and opt for a metallic leather chesterfield sofa, or you’d just like to add some accessories with a metallic sheen to your space, you know you’re going to fully embrace this trend as much as we are.


At the opposite end of the scale to neutrals is brights – and yes, they’re touted to be a big trend in 2018 too. Hey, you could combine a palette which combines both, if you have a creative eye for colour.

If you want to go all-out, our Burghley sofa in Lemon Leather is bound to make the right statement in your living room.

Until next time…

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