Preparing Your Home for Winter: Some Tips

13th November 2015

With the colder weather in full swing, it won’t be long at all until we’re abandoning evenings out for nights spent in front of a roaring fire watching our favourite box sets. In the meantime – and alongside smaller updates like new furniture and accessories – there’s plenty we can all do to ensure our home is well and truly ready for winter.

The fact is, the Great British weather is temperamental at best; one day might be cold and crisp, while the next might be windy, rainy and absolutely freezing. That said, there’s still a few updates we can all make to our home to ensure that – come rain or winter shine – everything is still ticking along quite nicely. Read on…

Block Draughts

Are they are gaps where chilly breezes can sneak into your home? Check around doors, windows, loft hatches and pipes that lead outside, before tackling any obvious issues with draft excluders.


Prepare for cosy nights on the sofa with our top tips

Think Insulation

Avoid messy bursts and leaks by ensuring you get your pipes and water tanks insulated ahead of a cold snap. There’s plenty of advice online when it comes to effectively insulating your home, so make sure you check it out well before the really bitter weather sets in.

Put Together a Power Cut Kit

Power cuts can strike at any time; make sure you’re ready for one by putting together a handy power cut kit, including paraffin heaters, candles and matches and anything else you think you might require.

Give Your Gutters a Clean

Leaves can collect in gutters and drains during autumn and winter, but when left this can lead to an overflow. Clean them regular and consider getting gutter leaf guards to prevent this occurring in future.

We hope these tips have proved useful as we head into December and the end of winter/beginning of spring. How do you ensure your own home is ready for the colder months? Let us know by commenting below, or join the conversation over on Facebook.

Until next time…

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