Order a matching footstool or accessory to complete the traditional chesterfield look

17th Februar 2015

If you’re planning to order or already own one of our luxurious chesterfield sofas, why not complete the look by purchasing one of our made-to-match footstoolsfootstools or an accessory such as a bolster or topper cushion. These cushions are ideal for adding additional comfort to your chesterfield sofa, as the bolster cushions will give you the arm support you need, while the topper cushions will make for a more pleasant sitting experience.

There’s nothing better than putting your feet up after a busy day, so why not do just that by ordering one of our luxurious footstools. Each one is made to order using the finest materials and strong hardwood, ensuring a robust and durable construction. Our experienced craftsmen don’t let anything leave the workshop without undergoing a rigorous inspection, ensuring that only the best products are sent to our customers.

There are four types of footstools to choose from, so make sure you keep in mind the style of your existing furniture when deciding which to choose. If you’re looking for a compact footstool then we recommend the Ragley or the Walcot footstools. The Ragley footstool is square is design, with a cushioned buttoned top, bronze renaissance studs and mahogany stain legs. The Walcott footstool is similar in shape and also offers bronze renaissance studs and mahogany stain legs but has a smooth button-less top.

The Chatsworth and Newby footstools are wider in design, allowing them to be used by more than one person at a time. The Chatsworth footstool features a broad cushioned, buttoned top, bronze renaissance studs and mahogany legs fitted with traditional stain brass castors. The Newby footstool also boasts a wide, cushioned and buttoned top with bronze renaissance studs but comes with elegantly curving mahogany stain legs.

Once you’ve decided which product to go for, you can then enjoy selecting your preferred material and colour. Chances are that you will want it to match your existing chesterfield furniture, so if that’s the case you’ll know exactly what to go for! If not, spend time going through our options and don’t forget, you can order a brochure free of charge along with a selection of samples, which are also free – get in touch for details.

Visit our footstools & accessories page to view the different types and feel free to contact us direct on 01484 663 294 if you have any questions – we are always happy to help.

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