How a Purple Sofa Caused a Facebook Frenzy

05th Februar 2016

A little less than a week ago, we posted the below photo (and accompanying status) over on Facebook. Within minutes, ‘Likes’ hit double figures and we were still scrolling through and replying to comments up to an hour later – such is the power of a chesterfield sofa.

To borrow a catchphrase from a well-known high street food hall, “this isn’t just any” sofa, though. This is, in fact, our best-selling model – the Hampton – in a beautiful new shade of velvet.

We’ve only recently added the ‘aubergine’ velvet to our collection here at Distinctive Chesterfields – and it’s already proving a hit. Of course, a professional photographer has also captured this piece in all its glory, complete with moody lighting and a vintage-looking room setting.

"I fancy some chocolate now," one customer told us, after seeing this sofa
“I fancy some chocolate now,” one customer told us after seeing this sofa

So, what is it about this chesterfield that’s got everyone a little, well, hot under the collar?

Our MD Steve Laidlaw explains: “Firstly, it’s our best-selling model. The Hampton has remained a customer favourite for some years; it combines all the hallmarks of a traditional chesterfield sofa and is one of the comfiest pieces in our range. And well, would you just look at the colour! It’s true that most homeowners will opt for neutral colours when it comes to kitting out their living room but an increasing number of people are enquiring about something a bit bolder. This sofa ticks all the right boxes, then; it’s comfortable, stylish and upholstered in one of the year’s hottest colours.”

Our customers agree, too, leaving a ton of comments on our Facebook page in relation to the sofa and its shade. One told us he was now ‘craving chocolate’ – presumably because it reminded him of a certain famous confectionery brand.

Another customer added: “Beautiful luxurious colour with a defined shape. I love it.”, while a third simply said: “That picture is shouting ‘Ta-daaaaah’ Fabulous!” 

Well, you really can’t say better than ‘Ta-daaaaah’; or can you?

Pamela Howell joined the conversation, saying: “I wish it was mine”, and Rebekah Eryn Millington told us it was he dream sofa. Ours too, Rebekhah. Ours too.

What are your thoughts? Does the colour of this sofa do it for you, or are you not that fussed? Let us know here or over on Facebook

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