Interiors Trends: Minimalist Living

15th Januar 2014

Good news for those of you who don’t like too much clutter! A minimalist way of life is in store for interior design fanatics throughout 2014 and beyond, with a move towards natural textures and finishes and a much fresher, more ‘clean’ look in the home.

Here’s just some images we found via Pinterest, displaying gorgeous apartments and homes which are championing the minimalist movement.


How about an uncluttered home office, or a tidy kitchen? Or do you agree that a clean space like this isn’t the most practical? The large living room may look attractive, but does its lack of clutter make it less personal?

This year will see a move towards natural textures and finishes, with a calm approach to decor and design with minimal fuss. Are you a fan of this look, or couldn’t you see it working in your home?

When you consider that some people live a minimalist way of life in almost every element of their day-to-day existence, making a decision to simply overhaul one room into an organised haven seems easy, doesn’t it?

Keep an eye on our blog as we’ll be bringing you some top tips from an organisational expert very soon, to help you organise your home and its rooms for a more stress-free way of life.

In the meantime, head to our Facebook page for all the latest from our office here in Honley, Holmfirth.

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