It’s National Picnic Week! Who’s For Alfresco Dining?!

21st Juni 2017

Until this Sunday (June 25), it’s National Picnic Week! We bet you didn’t know that…

So to help you celebrate this perfectly summery occasion, we’re bringing you some top tips for alfresco dining, via the Distinctive Chesterfields team. After all, we love nothing more than heading outside during our break to soak up some rays and tuck into our packed lunches!

Here’s how you can enjoy a great Picnic Week, too:

Don’t Forget a Cool Bag! – It’s an obvious one, but it’s surprising how easy it is to forget the most vital part of any good picnic! Pack your goodies in one of these and you’ll be glad you did later. No one wants a warm can of pop, after all.

Be Creative – Say no to soggy old sandwiches and instead go for something more fresh and lively. Sticks of veg and a variety of dips can be as filling – and just as tasty, too! Or why not opt for tortilla chips and dips, pork pies, olives and houmous?


Transform Plain Old Water – Sure, water’s refreshing, but it can be so much more so with the addition of fruit or salad! Add chopped up strawberries and mint to your bottles, or opt for some cucumber for a delicious yet subtle flavour hit.

Carefully Consider Your Picnic Spot – It goes without saying, but it’s so important to pick the right place for your picnic. A badly-chosen spot will only end in tears. Or wasp stings. Choose an area free from bins (obviously a breeding ground for wasps and the likes due to sticky fizzy drinks bottles and sweet wrappers) and go for somewhere secluded enough that you’ll have plenty of space, but busy enough that it isn’t unsafe due to a lack of fellow picnic-ers.

Pack Plastic Food Bags for Leftovers – You won’t want to waste anything you don’t manage to eat, so plan ahead and pop some plastic food bags in your hamper to wrap them up with.

Share the Workload – If there’s a few of you heading out for a picnic, encourage everyone to bring an item or two to share the picnic preparation.

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