How about a corduroy sofa?

04th Juli 2015

It may well be referred to as the ‘poor man’s velvet’, but we say when done well, there’s no reason why a chesterfield sofa or chair upholstered in corduroy can’t look luxurious. It’s all in the detail, really. And if you think you might fancy a corduroy sofa, we can make you one via our handy bespoke service.

Alongside our collection of leathers, we offer a range of wool and velvet for those looking for something different. But if you’d like corduroy –  or any other fabric we don’t stock – you’re more than welcome to supply your own material to us. We’ll then create you a completely bespoke sofa, using your chosen fabric – be it corduroy or anything else – to ensure you get the sofa or chair you’re looking for.

Fancy a corduroy sofa or chair? Images via Pinterest
Fancy a corduroy sofa or chair? Images via Pinterest

A soft but durable fabric, corduroy has been popular among people of all classes for years. Made of cotton or a blend of cotton and rayon and polyester, the fabric is woven with loose threads. These are then cut to create a pile, a thick, soft texture; above all, this is a material known for its comfort and practically.

You may well remember the influence of corduroy in your youth; if you were a teenager in the 1970s, for instance, it’s likely you had at least one corduroy item in your wardrobe. Burgundy or mustard-coloured corduroy flared trousers, anyone?!

First becoming popular in France and England in the 1700s, corduroy was known as ‘cord of the king’ or corde du roi. It wasn’t until the late 1800s, though, that the popular fabric was being mass-produced, woven in factories here in Europe and across the pond in the US. Its selling point? It was inexpensive, which made it popular with the working class. In fact, such was its ever-growing appeal, car manufacturer Henry Ford chose hard-wearing corduroy for the inside upholstery of his new Ford Model T.

Of course, that can’t have harmed corduroy’s mass appeal; since that date it’s come in and out of fashion but today tends to grace the homes of those with an eye for the quirky and unusual. It works well with a retro or vintage scheme and can still look luxurious despite its hard-wearing characteristics.

Are you a fan of this durable fabric? Want a corduroy chesterfield? Simply get in touch with us here at Distinctive Chesterfields, either via the site or by calling 01484 663294 to discuss styles and colours.

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