Chesterfield Sofas: The Handmade Lifecycle

06th Juni 2018

Ever wondered what goes into a chesterfield – apart from blood, sweat and (sometimes) tears? Joking aside, we only put love, care and attention into our furniture – and you can rest assured that no craftsmen or women are harmed in the making of your sofa or chair!

To help you get a better idea of the life cycle of your chosen piece, we’re giving you a rare glimpse into our Yorkshire workshop. Today, we’re sharing two of the steps that make up our manufacturing process, starting with ‘The Frame’ and ‘Springs and Foam’. Read on to learn more…

Step One: The Frame

The very first step in the Distinctive Chesterfields process? Making the frame! Using a strong hardwood such as beech, our craftsmen get to work on the first but very vital step of your sofa or chair’s life cycle.

We use only excellent quality wood to ensure the strength of the product is just right. In doing so, we can guarantee a product that will last longer. It also helps reduce creaking. We really want you to enjoy your sofa for years to come, which is why this step is so important!

Take a closer look at some of our frames, below…


Step Two: Springs and Foam

So, what happens next? It’s at this stage in the process when your sofa or chair will really begin to take shape. Depending on the style you’ve opted for, the first thing we’ll add springs to is the frame. A thorough process which sees us apply individual coil or serpentine springs to the frame, doing so ensures a lasting shape for your furniture.

Afterwards, padding is made to a pattern, panel by panel, until the sofa or chair has a finished shape.


Want to discover more about the life cycle of your furniture? Follow Distinctive Chesterfields on Instagram over here. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Until next time…

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