Achieve ‘Hygge’ in the Home: Our Top Tips

03rd Dezember 2016

If you’re a regular reader of interiors magazines and websites you’ll probably have noticed the term ‘hygge’ bandied about – but what does it mean and how can it benefit your home?

In short, ‘hygge’ is a Danish concept and word which is a feeling or mood that comes from taking real pleasure in making ordinary things more meaningful or special. It’s pronounced ‘hue-gah’ and it could mean something as simple as enjoying a hot chocolate by the fire, or ensuring your home or apartment has a beautifully cosy ambience.


So, how exactly do you achieve this phenomenon in your home? We say ‘easily!’…and here’s what to do:

Let There Be Light

The easiest way to ‘hygge’ heaven is to light a few candles and place them around your home. Did you know that Denmark and other Scandinavian countries are rumoured as one of the largest consumers of candles in the world? So it stands to reason that candles fit perfectly into the ‘hygge’ concept – choose a few and choose wisely – the more comforting the scent, the better.

Add Cushions

‘Hygge’ is all about texture – soft, sumptuous fabrics and cosy little nooks to snuggle up in the home. So think about filling your couch with beautiful cushions and gorgeous fabric throws – we have a great value selection right here on the Distinctive Chesterfields site. Take a look today and complement your sofa with a pretty cushion or two.

Choose Comfy Loungewear

Need a new pair of slippers? Or perhaps your robe is looking a bit worse for wear? Why not treat yourself ahead of Christmas and update your lounge wear? Okay, so this isn’t exactly an interiors tip – but trust us when we say you’ll feel even more cosy in your home at night if you’re wearing the right sort of clobber.

Select a Cosy Rug

There’s nothing more comforting than a lovely, soft rug underfoot. So why not update your living room and give yourself a warm, fuzzy feeling inside every time you walk around it by choosing a fleecy rug this winter? It’s the easiest way to ‘hygge’ in the home – give it a go!

Get the Kettle On!

Again, this isn’t strictly an interiors tip but treat yourself anyway. A lovely mug of cream-filled hot chocolate will have you feeling ‘hygge’ in no time. And if you’ve updated your living room with some ‘hygge’-inspired accessories, it’s the perfect way to reward yourself for all that shopping around for them!

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