Why Protecting Your Sofa Makes Perfect Sense…

02nd June 2017

Imagine the scene: you’ve only recently taken delivery of your brand new Distinctive Chesterfields sofa, yet you’ve already spilled on it. A hot cup of coffee. ALL OVER the back and front-facing cushions. Your instinct might be to sob. You might even be tempted to leave the house for an hour or two, in order to avoid looking at your newly coffee-splattered sofa. The very same sofa you spent your hard-earned cash on.

But there’s another way – and it doesn’t involve wincing in pain as you rip out chunks of hair. Or sobbing into your pillow.

A few short months ago, our content writer Lauren (who purchased a sofa from us at the back end of last year) found herself in this very situation, after she foolishly ate her evening meal on her couch and dropped a little of it on the cushions of her bright yellow Fulham.

She whinged a little, of course, but guess what? She didn’t think about ripping out a chunk of her hair or putting on her trainers for a brisk and angry walk around the block. Thankfully, our Lauren (knowing she could be a little on the clumsy side from time to time) had planned ahead when buying her sofa. She’d done as a lot of our customers do and figured that sometimes accidents happen. So she’d handed over the cash for our sofa protection cover through the company, Guardsman.

For £99 for a sofa of up to three seats, or £149 for four seats or more, you can enjoy the reassurance that if you’re as clumsy as Lauren you can have your sofa cleaned (or its cushions replaced) in hardly any time at all.

Here’s how it works if you spill something on your couch or chair:

If you’ve signed up for Guardsman sofa protection and you haven’t managed to remove the stain yourself at home, give the team a call, quoting your customer number. They’ll ask you a few questions relating to the accidental spillage and send you out a home cleaning kit. Following some simple instructions, you’ll then have a go at removing the stain with a specialist solution from the expert sofa care providers at Guardsman.

Still dealing with a stain after that step? No worries at all! A Guardsman technician will visit your home, specialist cleaning supplies in tow, to tackle the spillage themselves. The company tells us that most people will see a resolution to their issue at this stage, with the level of care provided being excellent.

If all else fails, the company will replace the cushion covers to give your sofa or chair a brand new lease of life!

“The Guardsman cover was a God-send for me,” says Lauren, “I knew that I’d be likely to spill on my sofa at some point and – lo and behold – I was right! The issue was dealt with quickly and efficiently and I’m waiting to hear more about a technician’s visit since my stain was more stubborn than the home cleaning kit could handle! I encourage anyone considering the sofa protection from Guardsman to definitely go for it! You’ll kick yourself later if you don’t

Want to know more about our sofa protection options? Get in touch with the Distinctive Chesterfields sales team today.

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