Feeling Stressed?

09th December 2013

With less than 14 full shopping days left until Christmas, we’re guessing stress levels are high? But don’t worry, there’s an easy way you can eradicate those feelings of festive present-buying panic, or indeed put a stop to stress in general. How? Simply sit by a real fire. According to recent research by Euroheat.co.uk, over 65% of people interviewed said lounging by an open fire was their preferred method of stress relief.

So, we’re urging you to take time out to relax. And if you don’t have an open fire, just put your feet up and relax on the sofa with central heating cranked up.


Here at Distinctive Chesterfields, we’ll certainly be finding the nearest open fire and toasting our toes by it. Will you?


Don’t forget to grab a good book while you’re relaxing by the fire. A spot of time relaxing will really help you power through your Christmas ‘to do’ list later, so make sure you find a moment to sit and do nothing.

And don’t forget to tell us, what’s your number one way to relax? Comment below and share your tips with us.

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