Spring Trend: Ombré

16th April 2014

If you’re a die-hard fan of ‘ombré’ (the ‘dip dye’ effect which sees a ‘gradient’ of colour used on textiles and fashion) you’ll know the trend began in the world of hair. First, women (and some men) opted to try the trend on their barnet, heading straight to the hairdressers and asking for this dip dyed ‘do, seen in the image below. Then the movement escalated, being spotted in baking, in fashion, then on cushions, duvet covers, before making the full-on transition to walls and floors.


The ombre hair trend

It’s a trend that’s become increasingly popular in Europe over recent years, and it’s still going strong.

Also known as ‘flocking’, ombré can be used in the home in a number of stunning ways – and we’ve gathered a collection of images from Pinterest to show you how.

First up, this dramatic blue ombré  wall, which has obviously taken some time and care to complete but which looks far worth the effort. Do you agree? The paint looks like it’s been sponged on in stages to create a dark to light look, and the pale blue vases really set the space off. Let us know what you think?


It’s an effect that’s been utilised in this room below, too. Except here, it would seem, the homeowner has opted to simply paint on the shades with a brush, rather than dabbing on with a sponge. It creates a much bolder look, we think – but could you see it working in your own home? And if so, which shades of paint would you go for?

Dip Dye

If, however, you’d like to incorporate the trend into your home without buying up a load of different shades of paint, here’s one way to do it…


We love how these vibrant green chairs are complemented by the bright white flooring and window frames, and the mint green walls really work to tie the whole look together. But what really stands out, of course, is those dip dyed curtains, which add interest to the scheme in general.

Green not your colour? Try this look with a shade of your choice – it’s perfect if you’re not brave enough to take your white walls from neutral and simple to bold and dramatic. Plus, it saves you money on paint, too.


Again, here’s an example (above) of how dip dyed curtains offer a subtle nod to the trend without the worry of repainting your walls or making too significant a change in your home. We love how this bright lime green curtains complement the otherwise retro, neutral-looking decor. What are your thoughts? Do you love this space, too?


 Images, Via Pinterest

Anyone for purple? This is certainly a striking look, and everything seems to really work together – from the pale blue, velvet-esque rug, to the striped cushions, and mini vases seen on the coffee table. Are you in agreement?

Are you a fan of ombre in the home? Or do you think the trend’s had its day? Let us know by commenting on this blog post below. And don’t forget to pop over to our Facebook page here.

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