World Cup 2014: Ready for Kick Off?

10th June 2014

According to the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), an estimated eight out of 10 people across the globe are expected to tune into some part of this year’s World Cup on TV. If you aren’t lucky enough to be boarding a plane to catch the action live in Brazil, then, it’s not all bad! We’ve put together our top tips to enjoying a match from the comfort of your home, ahead of kick off. Read on…


Plan Ahead – The very first World Cup game between Brazil and Croatia takes place on Thursday, June 12 with a local (Brazilian) time of 5pm. Of course, that means that it’ll be shown here in the UK  much later (given the time difference) so make sure you get your times right so as not to be disappointed.

Cook Up a Pre-Match Feast – Forget burgers and chips and try a spot of Brazilian culture. Local dishes include rice, beans and manioc (or cassava) – ideal for vegetarians. Do an online search for recipes you can try at home and give something new a go. Chicken hearts or corn on the cob are popular street snacks in Brazil, too; why not cook up your own ahead of the match, or for nibbling on during?

Put Your Feet Up – Of course, if you want to enjoy the match in true comfort, you may have thought ahead and purchased one of our extremely comfortable chesterfields (come on, you must have known we’d add a shameless plug somewhere in this piece!). You might have ventured a step further and purchased a convenient sofa bed from our extensive range – they’re perfect for lounging on, cool drink in hand, before transforming into a bed for the night for your house guests!

Ditch Your Work Wear – Going to Brazil to see the matches live? The World Cup hosts have issued a dress code, urging tourists to dress modestly and cover themselves from shoulders to knees to respect local culture – and rightly so! But if you’re watching in the comfort of your own home, we say dig out your onesie, ditch your sensible work wear and get comfy!

Get Musical – Remember the vuvuzelas of World Cup 2010? This time around, there’s a new musical instrument in town! Buy a caxirola and get rattling; you may not be able to take them into the World Cup stadium, but you can certainly play to your heart’s content at home.


Pictured above: Our Buckingham sofa bed

How are you getting ready for the World Cup?

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