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Karma Sofa Quiz: What Kind of Sofa Snuggler Are You?

If your Valentine’s Day has got off to a good start, we bet you’re already looking forward to a spot of sofa snuggling later. We know we are! We can’t wait to kick back on the couch in front of a film and next to a big bowl of crisps.

As we’re declaring tonight National Snuggling Night (Move over, Valentine’s Day), we’d like to ask you this: what kind of sofa-snuggler are you? Actually, let’s rephrase that: ‘what’s your position? Oo-er!

To mark Valentine’s Day, we’ve devised Karma Sofa – a spoof on the famous Karma Sutra – to see how you like to position yourself on the couch at home. Did you know; the way you lounge tells us a lot about what kind of person you are. So, give it a go…

Click the below image to enlarge and find out – once and for all – what your position is. The fun starts now…

Karma Sofa Quiz Final

Take our quiz! Simply click the image to enlarge

Or, you know, perhaps you already know your preferred ‘position’ already?

Either way, don’t forget to share your sofa snuggling position with our Facebook community over here.

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